Adapt to your needs,
whatever, wherever

3x more

Perfect balance of
softness and support

Anti-bacterial and
machine washable

Feels Like Home

Adaptive layers work together to make you feel at home.
Tested and loved by thousands.


Comfy Top Layer

The top layer of microfiber expand and intertwine to form air pockets, creating the perfect balance of softness and support.

Supportive Core

The firmer base layer of microfiber reduce pressure points and help muscles relax.

Bamboo Fabric

Soft, crips and cool to touch, the bamboo fabric lets the skin breathe and balances temperature.

Natural Lining

The natural cotton lining adds durability while maintaining breathability.

Cheat Sheet: How To Use

One Pillow, Endless Possibilities

All-around comfort

Loop it around twice for soft, cushy, all-around
comfort. Pull on one loop to adjust the degree
of support as necessary.

The best neck support

Say goodbye to neck pain. Put the pillow around
your neck and pull one end through the other
for the best neck support.

Window pillow

Optimize your window seat. Create a cushy cocoon,
lean against the side, sink into the soft support
and snooze away.

Back cushion

Try giving the bottom of the spine a boost with
the pillow. Keep your back happy and relieve
strained muscles.

Desk pillow

Convert your desk or the tray table into a dream
come true. Rest your head, sink into the soft support
and take a snooze.

Eye mask

Don’t want to be disturbed? Cover your eyes
with the pillow, block out all light and dream away.

Duo comfort

The best of both worlds. Support both the neck and
the back. Just put your arms through the pillow
as if wearing it like a backpack.

Noise canceling

Loop it around your neck twice and pull one loop up
against your ears. It’s time for a quiet and peaceful
nap even in a noisy environment.

“Perfect for finding the most comfortable
position on a never-ending flight.”

– The Washington Post

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